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Oct. 13th, 2009


Githyanki Migration via Wordpress

I am going to slowly start leaving livejournal behind for a wordpress blog.

My gaming geekery is to be found at The Githyanki Diaspora.

Physical culture pursuits are to be found at In which Judd becomes stronger.

I will continue peeking at my friends list here but the body of my blogging will be there.

Oct. 10th, 2009


The Clusternomicon

The data known as the Clusternomicon is a myth, like Earth, like the Lost Generation Ships and aliens and so many other bits of folk lore that come out of the void.

Here we will gather what we can, using Chapter 2. Clusters, page 13-30 of Diaspora and share what we know of the universe. Please share what you know about the clusters in your ship's navigational computers, so that we might make the void a little less cold.

Data found here.

I decided on 3 systems in the cluster but other than that, I rolled up the stats for each system randomly. It is really fun. I have only read that much of the book so far.

Great moments from tonight's BW Fantasy Noir game

Thread over at BW

"I just want answers," Rifkin said over and over again, trying to convince his former friends that he wasn't going to go on a revenge-fueled kill-crazy rampage.

The city itself is a splendid thing and its growing in neat ways. A Great Wolf gang leader named Dog. An orc landlord named Blood-Collector (short for He Who Collects Blood to Hold his Land) and a brothel on the nice side of town owned by a Demi-Goddess. We've got feuding wizards, crooked city watch lieutenants and former thieves turned fences. In a great homage to MoBu City's main inspiration, Mieville's Bas Lag books, Pete referred to the Great Spiders as Weavers. Nice.

"Y'know, Rif, wizards steal shit too. Did you know that? Yeah, only they do research and call it adventuring. What a fucking racket!"

Oct. 8th, 2009


Just Turned Friday

Reading: I am making my way through Diaspora and still reading about the Khan.

I am tempted to just start making up star clusters.

Planning: I'm thinking of running a 5k this weekend and getting some schoolwork done. I have a few projects due in the coming weeks and they're not difficult, I was thinking of getting a headstart on them, rather than the sleep deprivation model I generally work on.

Visit a friend of mine who just had a baby.

MoBu City on Friday night.

Wearing: Green button down and a pair of jeans. Also, my new belt.

Writing: I took a fantasy setting piece I wrote and just fished it out for stories. I labelled each story as a chapter and just wrote a blurb about what will happen in this chapter. When I've had a moment this week, I've picked a chapter and written for a bit. It is an oddly satisfying way to write. I'm wondering if it will come together.

And you?
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Oct. 7th, 2009


Up Late

It feels like I have only used this thing to post up links to Burning Wheel AP threads or my Friday morning Reading-Wearing-Planning-Writing posts.

I'm working late nights this week due to a co-worker having a family emergency. I feel a bit as if I am from another planet, a little third person, outside - looking in. Really, I have felt that way since my dad's heart-attack at the end of the summer. He's fine but I'm still getting over the shock at my father being mortal.

The work-outs in the mornings and afternoons have been very grounding, so, that's good. It is an odd thing when the best part of your day is lifting something heavy above your head.

It looks like me and Pete are going to finally get to MoBu City after weeks of schedule misses botched up our gaming attempts.

Still feels like I am playing catch-up with school, the big stuff is getting done but the little stuff still needs doing. I hope to have that cleared up this week.

How're you folks doing out there?

Oct. 2nd, 2009


Sleep Dep Friday

Reading: A late night work schedule destroyed my reading times but still reading about Ghengis.

Planning: Hopefully, getting some heat in my apartment and a weekend with the lady-friend.

Wearing: Grey shirt and jeans with a hoodie.

Writing: Looked at the 7 Kings Mountains and just found all of the parts of it that I wanted to write and started outlining and writing the scenes that excited me. It is nice to have a go-to writing project with some structure to it.

And you?
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Sep. 28th, 2009


Out of Gaming Withdrawl

Thread at BW forums

"But what I didn't get to tell Judd at the table, is as we approached Baal, I really felt like Kuryn was at peace, and it was nice to be coming home. To see the huge Elder Ring tree in the center of the city, to see the river that winds out of the south part of the valley upon approach, made up for the the fact that Kuryn was half starving, had walked through many, many miles of blinding snow."

Nothing like returning to your home city, half-starved, with the head of your enemy in a barrel filled with salt.

Sep. 25th, 2009

Ray Ronin

DJ Billions and special guest Big E. Bang


Autumnal Friday

Reading: I am diving into Ghengis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. The Khan was a total bad-ass. It is an enjoying read and I am getting tons of inspiration for the 13 Cities campaign.

Planning: This weekend, getting schoolwork done and my life in order.

Wearing: Dickies and a button down.

Writing: I have been re-writing Sorcerer 2289 so that when I get a play slot open, I can playtest that sucker.

And you?

Sep. 19th, 2009

Dragon Physiology

Under the Sea

I'm eying the Threat from the Sea Omnibus but the description isn't moving me.

Are there any other undersea fantasy novels?

I can't particularly think of any and re-reading the Scar has me yearning for a book about cities built around geo-thermal vents and ancient, newly sunk Atlanteans trying to adapt to a hostile, alien underwater world.

But really, is this something I want to read or something I want to write?

Things in an underwater fantasy world:

City built on a geo-thermal vent, with strange creatures who depend on the vent for power and life, maybe worshiping it.

Recently fallen Atlantis - kept alive underwater through magic, refusing to go back to the surface world that betrayed them and put their beloved marvel of a city under the ocean.

A gentle leviathan with worshipers who travel with it and have built their lives on and around the creature, perhaps with some people within it who were fed to it as holy sacrifices.

It could be that this is something I want to read more than something I want to write.

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