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Chew on some Misery Bubblegum

I was not at all interested in Misery Bubblegum. I wasn't interested in it when Tony talked about how it was a game of, as I recall, manga-style high school drama. I wasn't interested in it when Bret and Ellen came back from Dexcon raving about it.

I wasn't interested in it at the Embassy Suites last Gen Con when Tony, Anna and Julie were sitting down to play it. But I really wanted to game with all three of those people and I remembered from Bret and Ellen's frothings that it only took an hour or so to play it. So, thinking that an hour gone wouldn't be so bad, I sat down.

Holy shit it is good.

It is a deck of cards with rules on them and it plays fast and heart-breaking. We played a game about a high school band called Microwave Poodle. The game broke my damned heart. We groaned as a table just how you groan when you watch a melodrama with a big, vocal group. People called me a bastard. I loved it.

I was ready to drop 20 bucks into Tony's lap to walk away with the half-finished playtesting deck right there and then.

The art has all been done by Tony and it is stunning to see how far his drawing talent has come along. The pictures are amazing and having an inkling of how much hard work it was for him to get his drawing chops up to this level. I am in awe.

Tony will be at Gen Con.

Check it out.


I'm exactly the same. I had no interest in the game. I sat down to playtest because, well, it's nice to playtest other people's games. And it's superb.

Graham - was last Gen Con your first MB game too? I was practically dragged to the table by the GoD people. Although there are a few exceptions, "Anime" and "card game" are generally words that shut down my interest immediately. I've never been so happy to be proven wrong about a game! We didn't get a chance to finish our story - what ever happened to the cheerleader and the rebel? - but it was delightful through and through.

I had a chance to play it at Dreamation earlier this year with Remi and we had time to get through 3 episodes of our drama. Playing the same character, I got to be heroic, then an asshole, and finally the a completely human screw-up who came around too late. It was hilarious at times and incredibly sad at others. So good!

Got another fix at this year's Dex Con, too - can't wait till the next game.

Yes, that was it. I played it twice that GenCon: once with you, at Games On Demand, and once after hours in the Embassy Suites. It may have been me that dragged you to the table.

I'm rather sad not to be going to GenCon this year. Ah well.

I was just at an anime con last week (as a guest, not as a fan!) and man, those kids are going to rip Tony apart to get at something like this. Amazing art, too. I always forget that cat can draw.
Man. In the space of one post you put me over on this game. That doesn't happen often.

It's on the list.
I'm starting an new/indy game night out here, I'll have to check this out.
I loved it when I've played it.

When I get this game I'll put a review on my other blog, which is a bit anime heavy, hopefully it'll get some of those people interested.

The game deserves it. I'm eager to see how much changed since I've played it (GC 07). It was good then, but it needed some help, some fine-tuning.

Heck, I think I'll be able to play this game with non-gamers, or non-roleplayers. This might be a game that gets me playing again :)

I'm stoked.
We actually had the opposite happen at SGBoston. Several of us were really interested, we sat down to play it, and the game didn't really work that well. I'm not sure if it was an earlier draft or what, but it's made me more cautious about buying it before I get the chance to play it again.

MB text

I am curious to see the game text. As it is I have just sat down and played it with Tony.
Misery Bubblegum is very nearly the only game I played all of GC '08. I think I played it about six times. I was not disappointed to have spent GenCon that way.

It's simply that good.
Glad you liked it. I was sold on it after my first game, at Dreamation.
Is this for sale yet?